About Luna Stein Florist

Luna Stein opened her boutique flower shop in November 1998. Since then, she has continued to make each bespoke arrangement creatively with the best flowers of the day, with the person and occasion in mind.

Being situated in Munster Road in the heart of Fulham for over 20 years, we have been lucky enough to become part of the community here. With the help of our treasured regular clients, both corporate and private, we have been able to create with our flowers for all this time, and we’re still growing… Our boutique London shop in Munster Village is a treasure trove of flowers, vases, candles and cards with our incredible selection of flowers delivered direct from Holland 6 days a week. We love to support independent artists and businesses just like ourselves, so you’ll find unique and beautiful things stocked here.

Each arrangement is tailor made for the person and occasion, from country bunches to exotic modern creations. Luna Stein Florist adds her stamp of distinguished floral style to weddings, funerals, weekly contracts, corporate work and all other occasions.

Luna Stein Florist has provided flowers for a wide array of clients including Queens Club, Photo London, Fashion Rocks, Big brand fashion houses and designers, The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, The Royal Geographic Society and many more.